April 2013

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  • Cross Compiling 101

    In this blog post, I hope to provide some introductory stepping stones to cross-compiling and working with embedded systems. Use this post as a guide for themes to research and get you started on your way. I am by no means an embedded expert, but I have learned a great deal during my time working […]

  • The Reasonable Person Principle

    As readers of this blog are probably noticing, we are trying to keep a mix of technical and non-technical postings related to robotics, our company, and general small business issues. This week, I’d like to talk about something non-technical, that is very near and dear to me. The Carnegie Mellon Reasonable Person Principle (RPP). The […]

  • JAUS, Interoperability, and Custom Services

    In my last blog (http://www.neyasystems.com/dispelling-myths-jaus/), I talked about several of the ‘myths’ that I hear about JAUS, and tried to debunk them a bit.  As noted in that article, one common complaint is that SAE JAUS doesn’t cover every possible interoperability issue; there will always be some new function, new sensor, or new actuator that […]

  • A Perspective on Company Culture

    If someone were to tell me 15 years ago at my college graduation that I would one day be contributing to a robotics company’s blog, I would have laughed incredibly hard and suggest that this person was crazy. And here I am, willingly and excitedly writing about my experiences with Neya Systems. This idea in […]