Who is Neya Systems?

  • Neya Systems LLC, a division of Applied Research Associates, is a Pittsburgh-area robotics company and a leading developer of advanced unmanned systems and off-road autonomy/self-driving vehicle technologies.

    We work with commercial, defense, and homeland security customers to deliver novel solutions to some of the hardest problems related to autonomy, computer vision, and general unmanned systems development and deployment.

What Can Neya Systems Do?

Our expertise is in off-road perception and autonomy. Our talented group of software and hardware engineers regularly solve some of the hardest problems related to autonomy, computer vision, and general unmanned systems development and deployment. The video below showcases some of our capabilities.

Why Partner with Neya Systems?

Commercial-sector and DoD engineering managers regularly look to Neya when:

  • Seeking expertise related to perception in difficult visual conditions.
  • Frustrated with current technologies for planning and coordination of multiple unmanned systems.
  • Facing very challenging unmanned systems navigation tasks in highly complex terrain.
  • Transitioning technologies developed through research and development programs to real-world applications.
  • Faced with requirements to deliver standards-compliant unmanned systems.
  • Needing additional highly skilled technical resources but are limited by staff workloads and hiring freezes.

Neya Systems LLC provides innovative solutions to some of the most challenging unmanned systems and computer vision problems. In doing so, we develop solutions that solve our customers’ problems while being only as complicated as needed. In addition, our company’s culture stresses integrity, honesty, and service in dealing with our customers and partners.

What Makes Neya Systems Different?

Neya Systems LLC continues to excel at delivering advanced solutions to difficult unmanned systems and computer vision problems because we differ from the available alternatives in the following ways:

  • Strong commitment to providing solid technical solutions and industry-leading customer service.
  • Highly experienced group of experts in autonomous systems, including mission planning and management, active and passive perception, navigation in structured and unstructured terrain, and human-robot interaction. Employee backgrounds include robotics, computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.
  • Strong focus on unmanned systems interoperability, including leadership in establishing unmanned systems standards through top positions in the AS-4/JAUS Working Group and the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Control Segment Architecture Working Group (UCS-WG).
  • Significant experience in unmanned systems integration on platforms ranging from small 10lb unmanned platforms up to large 6000lb systems.
  • Significant experience partnering with large companies and institutions.

Is Neya Systems ISO Certified?

Yes, Neya Systems LLC is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our Quality Policy is available.