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  • JAUS, Interoperability, and Custom Services

    In my last blog (http://www.neyasystems.com/dispelling-myths-jaus/), I talked about several of the ‘myths’ that I hear about JAUS, and tried to debunk them a bit.  As noted in that article, one common complaint is that SAE JAUS doesn’t cover every possible interoperability issue; there will always be some new function, new sensor, or new actuator that […]

  • Dispelling Myths about JAUS

    At Neya, we’re big believers in interoperability through standards compliance.  Many of us have a long history with the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS), as well as the UAS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture.  We’ve even been known to flirt with STANAG-4586 from time to time.  As proponents, particularly of JAUS, I often hear comments […]

  • Managing the Database. How to backup, restore, etc.

    This blog contains instructions on how to clean, rebuild, backup, restore and update the database. Clean: The ant target for this operation is “clean-database”. This operation only cleans the current database. It does not clean a backup of a previous version of the database that may have been created. Rebuild: The ant target for this […]