About JTS

JAUS Tool Set

In order to expedite community adoption of the SAE JAUS standards, the DoD contracted Neya Systems to lead a team of commercial and academic organizations to develop the JAUS Tool Set. JTS is an open-source, BSD licensed software tool that simplifies the development of JAUS compliant interfaces. JTS is written in Java, making it compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. While the JAUS documents can be terse and difficult for engineers new to the standard, JTS offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with automated code generation to ease the learning curve. This tool set can help reduce the time and subsequent cost required to specify, implement and test JAUS compliant systems to a fraction of the time and cost required to do the same manually.

JTS for JAUS Compliance

The open-source JAUS Tool Set supports a number of features to help with JAUS compliance and software debugging. The user interface is based on JMatter, a naked-objects approach that allows direct access and visualization of JAUS message data along with the message protocol. JTS also provides an Eclipse plug-in if that’s more suited to existing development process. In either case, JTS offers automatic code generation to C++, Java or C#. The generated code includes all aspects of the service, including the implementations of marshallers (serialization) for messages, finite state machines for protocol behaviors, and a transport layer that implements UDP, TCP/IP, or serial communications. By providing the software for the infrastructure, JTS code allows users to focus value-added behavior rather than fuss with standards-compliance. In addition, JTS offers a Wireshark plugin to evaluate and trouble-shoot on-the-wire message passing. With our history and experience with the Tool Set, Neya personnel can help with your JAUS-compliance requirements without it dominating the schedule or the budget.

JTS for New JAUS Services

In addition to code generation and run-time debugging, the JAUS Tool Set offers document generation in HTML and MS Word. This allows service designers to define JAUS messages using the drag-and-drop user interface and quickly export them for project documentation, standards development, or use in an Interface Control Document (ICD). The Word documentation is template-based, allowing for customization of format and layout. By default, the SAE format is available to generate SAE Aerospace Specifications similar to those used to define existing services. This greatly accelerates the AS-4 publication process, reducing the time required to get new services added to the Standard. As the needs of the unmanned systems community grow, JTS and Neya can help ensure the JAUS standards grow with it.

Neya and JAUS

Neya personnel are proponents of the interoperability and modularity enabled by SAE JAUS. We have experience bringing JAUS to custom and third-party platforms, ranging in size from indoor test platforms to large-scale range clearance heavy equipment. Whether its teleoperation, autonomous and semi-automated behaviors or networked video, Neya can add JAUS compliance to your existing control solutions without breaking the bank.