MPMS™ – Advanced Mission Management

  • MPMS allows you to integrate multiple legacy unmanned platforms (air, ground, surface) into a single cohesive environment. MPMS provides advanced mission planning and management capabilities. A single operator can task and monitor multiple unmanned vehicles, and break the “one soldier one robot” paradigm. MPMS is developed as a set of tools that can integrate with your legacy systems through an easy to use SDK.

  • mpms_ui


The MPMS Task Editor is a GUI that allows for easy creation of multi-platform missions using a service-oriented architecture. You build missions from a palette of behaviors that are tailored to capabilities on your system. You specify the various phases of your mission, how you want behaviors to interact with each other, and how they interact with payloads. Payloads are behaviors in MPMS, and are as easy to work with as core platform behaviors.

MMS (1)The MMS is an advanced behavior engine that coordinates behavior execution and re-planning across multiple heterogenous unmanned systems. Depending on your system architecture, MMS runs either on your platform or your control station. MMS can currently orchestrate the execution of ROS and JAUS-based behaviors, with UCS and STANAG-4586 CRD support in development. MMS includes a Service Mediation Layer that allows you to integrate MMS with your legacy service interface systems through our SDK.

The MPMS GIS Module is based on NASA WorldWind, and allows you to view unmanned asset position, status, and payload activity. It is also used to enter key mission parameters including waypoints and action points. Our upcoming KML Server will allow you to integrate any viewer that supports the KML standard, such as Google Earth. The GIS module is well documented with public interfaces, so it is easy to replace with your existing GIS system.

The MPMS Tactical Mission Manager is a run-time interface for MPMS, and is used to specify key mission parameters in real time based on changing tactical situations. The TMM allows you to visualize the mission and assets, change mission parameters, view mission status and re-allocate tasking on the fly. TMM capabilities can be integrated with your existing tactical controller or remote viewer.

  • Open Architecture Support

    Fundamental to MPMS has built-in support for interoperability standards. MPMS’s advanced service mediation layer currently supports ROS and JAUS (SAE-AS4 and IOP), with extensions for UCS and STANAG-4586 in development. With MPMS’s support for state of the art interoperability specifications, integrating it into your standards-compliant platform is extremely straightforward. With MPMS’s advanced mission SDK, integrating your closed legacy system is equally straightforward.

  • True Distributed C2

    MPMS’s Mission Management System is responsible for orchestrating and coordinating platform behaviors based on Tasks that you create. MMS is a software behavior engine that resides either on your platform or your OCU or GCS. MMS contains Neya’s Service Mediation Layer, which allows it to coordinate behaviors that have ROS, JAUS, or proprietary interfaces. Since MMS can reside at nearly any point in your system architecture, you can integrate MPMS into your platforms based on your system requirements, not ours.

  • Easy Task Creation

    Waypoints are passé. MPMS’s advanced graphical task editor allows you to rapidly create complex multi-vehicle missions with multiple cross-dependencies and payload actions, without writing a line of code. Handle contingency plans, coordinated activities, error conditions, and survivability concerns with ease. Tasks are sent to unmanned assets in a high level custom language which runs in a sandbox on the unmanned system. This allows for insitu upgrades of tasking and scheduling capabilities without requiring you to re-write your behaviors

  • Just-In-Time Tactical Decision Support

    Our Task Editor allow you to specify the tasking, contingencies, and coordination of multi-platform missions offline. Once those tasks and missions are assigned to your unmanned assets, the MPMS Handheld Mission Controller software allows in-field personnel to rapidly modify key tactical mission parameters in real time. Build your missions offline. Specify the particulars based on real time tactical information.

  • No Throw Away Investments

    You’ve invested millions of dollars into your platforms, autonomy, and architecture. MPMS allows you to extend the life of that investment. Add easy task planning, asset deployment scheduling, and multi-platform coordination to your legacy systems, and re-use your behavior, autonomy, mobility, and platform control software.

MPMS™ Pricing and Availability

MPMS™ is currently available in beta. For pricing and availability information, please contact