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  • RACC™

    RACC™ provides field medics and first responders the ability to share and receive annotated video from off-site medical personnel, providing enhanced assistance in urgent care situations.

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  • UxFleet™

    UxFleet™ provides a broad range of unmanned systems planning capabilities. We realize that one-size never fits all. Rather than trying to provide a “throw-it-over-the-fence” planner capability, we have developed a set of tools that allow for pre-planning, runtime-planning, and re-planning.

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  • UxAB™

    UxAB™ is a fully self-contained semi-autonomy and autonomy capability module. Including GPS waypoint navigation, multi-joint manipulator control (with self-collision avoidance), retrotraverse, return-to-comms and optional obstacle avoidance behaviors, the UxAB is a standards-compliant way to rapidly integrate autonomy capabilities into your pre-existing or in-development platform.

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  • MPMS

  • MPMS™

    MPMS™ allows the integration of multiple legacy unmanned platforms (air, ground, surface) into a single cohesive environment. MPMS provides advanced mission planning and management capabilities. A single operator can task and monitor multiple unmanned vehicles, and break the “one soldier one robot” paradigm. MPMS is developed as a set of tools that can integrate with your legacy systems through an easy to use SDK.

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  • UxCBRN™

    UxCBRN™ provides an IOP-compliant interface to a broad range of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Environmental sensors.

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  • UxSDK™ for UCS

    UxSDK™ for UCS, is a Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the OSD UAS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture Release 3.0. The SDK offers a fully validated UCS Developer Library and automated UCS interface code generation tools, lowering the barrier to accessing the UCS Ecosystem and participating in programs of record that include UCS. The SDK supports the leading UCS transport choices including DDS and JMS.

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