UxAB™ – The Next Generation of Rugged Autonomy Modules


    UxAB™ – The Next Generation in Small, Rugged Autonomy

    The UxAB™ module is a fully self-contained semi-autonomy and autonomy capability module. Including GPS waypoint navigation, multi-joint manipulator control (with self-collision avoidance), retrotraverse, return-to-comms and optional obstacle avoidance behaviors, the UxAB is a standards-compliant way to rapidly integrate autonomy capabilities into your pre-existing or in-development platform.

    UxAB™ includes everything needed to bring SAE JAUS compliant autonomy to your next program. With multiple software configurations, from full turnkey system to source-level interoperability skeletons, we can tailor, or allow you to tailor, UxAB™ to your needs.

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  • Low Size, Weight, and Power

    UxAutonomy is suitable for adding autonomy capabilities to your small unmanned ground vehicle. Weighing less than a pound, drawing less than 7W, and with an under 50 cubic inch volume, the UxAB can be integrated onto nearly any backpackable small UGV. 

  • Easy Software Development

    Neya provides all the tools necessary to integrate your own autonomy software onto the UxAB™ if you don’t want to use ours. We provide sensor interface libraries, JAUS compliant bindings, and open APIs so that you can integrate your own technology into our hardware. 

  • Standards Compliant

    Neya personnel have decades of combined experience in developing standards compliant systems. The UxAB is compliant with SAE JAUS, and supports AEODRS and IOP variants. We have tested it with various government provided testbenches to ensure that it is compliant with currently planned systems. 

  • Rugged and Reliable

    The UxAB™ has been designed to survive the harshest envioronments, including temperature, EMI/EFI, shock, and vibration. Contact us to get details on the UxAB™’s environmental profile. 

Performance Specifications

UxAB Performance Specifications

System Architecture

UxAB System Architecture


Neya Systems provides SAE JAUS interfacing code (source-code level) so that you can Bring Your Own Autonomy. Our JAUS software has been tested with the AEODRS System Test Bed. The below is a partial list of JAUS components that come with UxAutonomy™:

  • Communicator
  • Health Monitor
  • Primitive Driver
  • Waypoint Driver
  • Manipulator Driver

Developer’s Information

We offer the following options for development. We recognize that you may have a large investment in your own autonomy and logical interfacing capabilities. We don’t expect you to throw that away.

  • Bare Hardware: You develop all software, including driver software for on-board hardware (we provide ICDs). This is the lowest cost option
  • Sensor Suite: We provide binary libraries to allow you to interface with all on-board sensors.
  • JAUS Templates: We provide source libraries to allow you to integrate your own autonomy capabilities into our JAUS libraries.
  • Full Autonomy: We provide full autonomy capabilities as described on this page.